Putter Buddy​

The Buddy You Can Lean On!


​​​​​​4.5 Million clubs are lost each year!

I lost 2 wedges and after purchasing

my 3rd wedge it cost me a total

of $450! I was determined not to lose

another wedge; a result I invented

the Putter Buddy.

  • No more wet grips! If you play early in the morning when there is dew on the ground, a PutterBuddy™ will be there to keep your grips dry and off the ground. Some courses use reclaimed treated sewer water! Great for the environment but bad for your grips and hands.
  • No more leaving your clubs behind!If you are like me and keep leaving your clubs behind, not to worry, PutterBuddy™ is the Buddy you can lean on! When your clubs are leaned up against the Putter Buddy, everyone can see it!
  • No more bending over to pick clubs up off the ground!I have worked hard all my life and my lower back isn't what it used to be so the PutterBuddy™ helps me save my energy from picking clubs off the ground and lets me play a round of 18 with plenty of energy to finish!
  • Accessory loop!Yes, PutterBuddy™ has an accessory loop to attach your golf towel so you won’t have to clip it to your pants and have wet leg or leave it behind on the ground. You can also use the loop to attach your range finder when you have cart path only days! It can be used for many things!
  • Use the PutterBuddy™ as an alignment rod!Instead of paying $20 for two stick that do nothing else but lay there! 
  • Knock strokes off your game by using PutterBuddy™ as a training aid! Whatch the video below to see how!
  • Lifetime Warranty! If your Putter Buddy breaks? Mail it to us and we will replace it!*

PGA Show was awesome! We would like to thanks everyone for their support! 


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